Best New Beverage Nominee: Allor – Caffeine-Free Tea Bags

Counting Down To The 20th Staging Of The Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards, Thursday, May 31, 2018

Principals: Lorentia Gayle (left) and Patrica Nelson

We made these products because… of battling health issues and thought that the definition of madness is really doing the same thing and expecting different results. So we decided to walk away from conventional medicine and pursue a healthier lifestyle; this was the perfect solution. This period of transformation and research on plants brought about the idea of these super tea blends. From that grew a greater desire to provide other natural commodities.


Our major challenge is… creating awareness. As a new brand in Jamaica increasing awareness of the company, its products and what it stands to offer is our major issue to date.

The product became available… in February 2018.


The response to the products has been… awesome! Customers appreciate what the products have been doing for them and that’s what Allor sets out to accomplish: a change.


Our core customers are… individuals aged 25 and above who are health-conscious or who are starting their journey to a healthier lifestyle and are more conscious of the food choices they make.


We plan to grow the business to… become a pioneer in Jamaica, where the word health is synonymous with Allor in convenient options. Also, to encourage others to recognise within themselves their own uniqueness and to live to their full potential which will create a revolutionised Jamaica.


Our first breakthrough came when… we were called by our consultant at SRC who informed us of an opportunity to access a grant through DBJ. The process with DBJ was simple and they were delighted to issue us a grant for assistance with product development/formulation.


Jamaicans should support our product because… it was created with their health in mind. These tea blends contain something currently used in medicine called Combinational Therapy. This is where more than one herb, in this case three, is used, due to commonalities, to increase its strength in targeting multiple illnesses and boost the immune system. This tea can be used to manage and even prevent certain health issues.


Our product is successful because… it set out to contribute to wellness and, based on the reviews, we are extremely pleased to see and hear that it has helped persons significantly on their journey to health.


If I knew then what I know now… I wouldn’t change a thing! I appreciate what life brings and am grateful for the opportunities of today’s era. I am proud of my Jamaica and proud of where I am today…the journey has been amazing; I wouldn’t trade it.





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