Air Water lift System (AWL) TM

The BSTTM is designed for the onsite treatment of domestic sewage (grey and black (toilet) water).. It eliminates the use of septic tank and soak away pits for the disposal of domestic sewage while generating energy that can be used as a substitution for Liquefied Petroleum Gas as well as the generation of electricity. The system is subsurfaced to ensure possible use of the area as well as for aesthetic purposes.


Air Water lift System (AWL)

This protocol provides a method for growing Artemia biomass in specially adapted water storage tanks, using an Air Water Lift (AWL) procedure to ensure proper circulation of culture material. This system is best suited for hobbyist and small scale farmers who want to take advantage of growing their own material on a backyard scale.

Impounding Tanks

This system consists of small-scale earthen ponds designed to mimic the natural environment in which the Artemia grows but will be free from the various fluctuations in the weather patterns as well as from predators such as fish. Artemia is reared to feed ornamental fish and marine shrimp.

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