Trashing In … Earning cash from trash

Portlands’ Fair Prospects community club emerged as winners from the National Housing Trust (NHT) and Scientific Research Council (SRC) Environmental Competition collaborative effort,  dubbed  “Trash to Cash – Use of Compost” competition. The project was developed out of the need to foster appreciation for the environment and to encourage preservation practices through training and practical applications of science and technology, as well as to generate employment and empower residents of the communities. The project which lasted for eleven months was the brainchild of the NHT who through the expertise of the SRC were able to train community members in the art of composting, business plan development and food preparation.

In addition to promoting environmentally friendly practices, the project/competition also aimed at developing entrepreneurship skills within the communities, research and writing skills as well as encouraged creative, innovative and artistic presentations of the concepts associated with the environment and food science. The competition which focused on youth associated with NHT environmental clubs across the island, between the ages of seven to twenty was implemented in four phases: composting and agronomy workshops, using compost to develop farming plots, eco-preneurship challenge.  The last phase of “Trash to Cash” project culminated in a fireless cook-off competition in which participants  prepared dishes which were presented before judges. First, second and third place winners from different regions were awarded for innovative culinary presentations.

Winners of the competition will be assisted through the SRC’s marketing division with the development of their compost business, taking it from an idea to market.



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