Food & Nutrition


Food and Nutrition

Identified Potatoes Suitable for making French Fries. Conducted studies on 36 varieties of potatoes and assisted farmers in identifying varieties of potatoes suitable for making French fries.

Developed Jerk Seasoning formulations – support food and spice industry.

Developed Drying Techniques that eliminated the need for refrigeration – support Food and Meat Industry

Food Technology – Work in Heat Penetration Process allowed for the export of low acid canned foods including callaloo, red peas and ackee.

Instrumental in establishing guidelines for the proper feeding of students in residence in schools and children’s homes, and adults in penal institutions.

The introduction to Jamaica of enriched formulations (patties and quick bread) for the School Feeding Programme.

Participation in the formulation, evaluation and execution of the National Food and Nutrition Policy.

The development of enriched crackers and biscuits for use in maternal and child health programmes.

Production of an in-depth series of nutrition education material, which comprise films, slides and various publications.

Developed exotic food products: soups – red peas – with/without meat; gungo peas – with/without meat; canned mannish water – goat soup; Sauces and preserves; jerked and smoked meat products; assortment of chips e.g. cassava, banana; suite of natural juices; suite of sorrel products – jam, liqueur and squash.

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