Message from Hon. Daryl Vaz, MP Minister of Science, Energy and Technology for Science and Technology Month 2021

My commendations to the Scientific Research Council (SRC) as you lead another observance of Science and Technology Month.

This Month turns the spotlight on science, technology and innovation and their fundamental roles in Jamaica’s advancement as a technology-enabled and digital society.

There is a tremendous capacity for science and technology along the length and breadth of this island. From the use of herbs to cure common ailments to complex laboratory experiments, Jamaicans engage the use of science and technology to solve problems.


Science and technology are the heartbeat of a nation. In a time when we are battling a global pandemic and climate change crises, it is science and technology that are needed to provide tangible solutions to mitigating the adverse impact of these twin challenges on our nation, economy and our people.

As Patron and Minister of Science and Technology, it is my hope that this year’s observance will serve as a call to action for all Jamaicans. The Ministry is on a mission to popularize science among Jamaicans of every walk of life. Our children must be exposed to science at an early age so that a generation of innovators can be birthed in our nation.

I wish to encourage all Jamaicans to summon their inner scientist and innovator. The times beckon for innovators and inventors who will put their ingenuity and creative capacities to the test and forge new paths that will lead to groundbreaking discoveries.
My commendations once again to the SRC on another celebration of Science and Technology Month. Together, we can make science, technology and innovation work for all Jamaicans.

Hon. Daryl Vaz, MP
Minister of Science, Energy and Technology
November 9, 2021

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