SRC Wants Dialogue with Local Producers of Personal Care Products

(PHOTO: Mark Bell) Executive Director at the Scientific Research Council (SRC), Dr. Cliff Riley, speaks at a JIS ‘Think Tank’ on August 22, at the Agency’s Head Office. With Dr. Riley (from left) are Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications at the SRC, Carolyn Rose Miller and Divisional Manager, Product Research and Development at the SRC, Dr. Charrah Watson.

Kingston, Jamaica (JIS) – The Scientific Research Council (SRC) is appealing to local producers of personal care products, such as soaps and lotions, to reach out to them to confirm the safety of their formulations.

Executive Director at the SRC, Dr. Cliff Riley, speaking at a JIS ‘Think Tank’ on August 22, said that the SRC is there to ensure that the science is right, and that the various processes in putting together their formulations make stable effective soaps that are safe for use.

“Once any product comes in contact with the human body, it has to be safe; otherwise we can have persons putting concoctions together that cause more harm than good,” he said.

Meanwhile, Divisional Manager, Product Research and Development at the SRC, Dr. Charrah Watson, said that as much as it might seem simple to do, there are a lot of things to take into consideration, because if you are not proportioning your lyes to oils properly, “you may make a soap that is very caustic and may be very dangerous”.

The SRC, which has been hosting personal care workshops for seven years, has the capacity to test and correct formulations for safe public consumption.

Bar-soap making; food processing; sauce production; meat processing; production of jams, jellies, personal care products and body washes are some of the areas on which the SRC workshops focus.

For her part, Manager for Marketing and Corporate Communications at the SRC, Carolyn Rose Miller, said that this appeal “is part of the SRC’s thrust in enabling public safety, and enabling compliance to industry standards”.


She argued that these workshops are a good place to start your business, adding that the SRC will also provide guidance on packaging, including canning and labelling, to ensure compliance based on industry standards.

Mrs. Rose Miller added that the workshops are useful, especially for the niche markets, noting that participants “are taught how to use local herbs and oils to target various areas, such as skin conditions”.

The next SRC workshop will be on lotions and body creams on October 3.

For additional information on the SRC’s workshops, persons may visit the SRC’s Facebook page.



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