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Launched as the principal public sector agency of Jamaica with responsibility for the promotion and coordination of scientific research and the application of its results through the transfer of technologies in support of national development, the Scientific Research Council (SRC) came into being on June 1960 through the passing of an act of parliament under the leadership of His Rt. Excellent Norman W. Manley (former Premier and National Hero of Jamaica).

In accordance with its mandate the projects and activities of the SRC are designed to support the growth and development of the local agro-industrial sector through research, adaptation of available technologies, creation of new and appropriate technologies, the provision of training, technical assistance and consultancy services geared at the development and establishment of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Projects undertaken by the SRC have resulted in – increased productivity and yield, export opportunities, employment creation and income generation, cost reduction, increased quality standards, food safety and the establishment/development of industries.

Through quality control programmes and stringent monitoring, the SRC continues to offer first-class service to Jamaica. As part of its continued effort towards improving customer relationship through effective communication, improved efficiency and consistency in procedures, the SRC obtained the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification and is also the proud owner of its own registered certification mark – a symbol of excellence denoting safety and quality.

The Council’s unwavering commitment to entrepreneurial activity through the support of the local agro-processing industry is witnessed through its accomplishments over its 50 plus years.

Some of the SRC’s achievement over the years is highlighted in this document.

Provision of Factory Space – The SRC satisfies the processing needs over 60 MSMEs annually especially in the areas of milling and drying of herbs and spices; juice production; meat processing and production of various sauces and condiments. Through the provision of training and development of products and processes SRC has contributed to the establishment and growth of many entities such as the following:

  • Alcoholic Beverage: Spiritz – Rum Punch;
  • Confectionary: Sweety – local fruit flavoured sweets
  • Sauces: Walkerswood Caribbean – Jerk seasoning; Sorrel Chutney; Tricam – Cranberry sauce; Cocoa Brown – fruit based sauces.
  • Personal Care: Blends Spa – skin care using natural products; Barn Hill Organics – body balm and hair products made from coconut oil;
  • Lemongrass Products: Beverages – Dash, Fever, Quench, Home Choice Flavoured water; Personal care products – lotion, body wash; Tea
  • Beverage: Natural Fusion – Aloe Vera with Lemon; Flow at Will Cinnamon Water; Fruit & Vegetable flavoured water; pumpkin punch.
  • Pastry: Annie Lue – Fruit Cake Mix
  • Condiments: Home Choice – pepper jelly;
  • Syrup – Platinum Blue Coffee Syrup;

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