Waste Management

Waste Management / Alternate Energy

The Scientific Research Council (SRC) is the sole provider of anaerobic technology in Jamaica.
The SRC provides technical support to the private and public sector entities, communities in the commissioning and maintaining of waste treatment systems.

1984 SRC adapted Biogas/Anaerobic Technology to promote the use of alternate sources of energy and to supplement total energy demand, utilize waste and provide organic fertilizer. These systems produce biogas, organic fertilizer and treated wastewater that can be used for irrigation or returned to water bodies without causing harm.Successfully demonstrated that treated wastewater can be reused for irrigation and soil conditioning. The Sidgrains Project demonstrated that treated wastewater can grow crops such as sorghum (animal feed) and vegetables e.g. sweet pepper, okra and corn; reducing the use of potable water for irrigation.
1996 Development of Biodigester Septic Tanks (BST) to replace soak away pits.  To-date SRC has commissioned over 500 BST’s to treat farm, agro-processing, industrial, commercial and residential waste island-wide.
2002 Development of Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) Reactor that utilizes biogas/anaerobic technology to efficiently treat complex industrial, agro-processing and municipal waste.
2002 Commissioning of UASB reactor (the first in Jamaica) to treat food waste produced by the Food Technology Institute at SRC.Biogas/Anaerobic Technology developed to promote the use of alternate sources of energy, supplement total energy demand, utilize waste and provide organic fertilizer and biogas while preserving healthy environment. SRC has commissioned over 150 biodigesters on farms/households island-wide. Since 1993 SRC has enhanced this technology with the development of polishing ponds. The ponds utilize air to further treat water after it leaves the drying bed.

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