IAEA JAM5013 (2018-2022) Project – Crop improvement (ginger & sweet yam) using experimental mutagenesis and diagnostic technologies in Jamaica

Project Overview

As Jamaica turns to Mutation Breeding as a way forward to combat the lethal rhizome rot and anthracnose diseases for ginger and sweet yam respectively, the Scientific Research Council (SRC), Biotechnology Department continues to work on a Technical Cooperation Project funded by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Plant Breeding and Diagnostic Technologies by using mutation induction technologies to solve these current problems. This project aims to improve local ginger and sweet yam varieties which are economically important crops by producing plants that are disease resistant.

Phase II of the project involves multiplication, screening and selection for disease tolerant or resistant mutant lines. The project has led to enhancements in plant diagnostic competencies which have led to the development/adaptation of screening techniques.