JAM 5013 – Crop improvement using experimental mutagenesis and diagnostic technologies in Jamaica

Project Overview

Outcome/Results Area

Increased availability and stabilized production of resistant/tolerant ginger and sweet yam in Jamaica in a competitive global environment

Project Objectives:

    1. Plant diagnostic competencies at the Scientific Research Council are strengthened and
    2. Improved varieties of ginger and sweet yam resistant/tolerant to rhizome rot and anthracnose respectively are released.

Project Description:

Yield losses ranging from approximately 50-90 percent have been reported for ginger and 60-100 percent for sweet yam due to ginger rhizome rot and anthracnose disease.

The development of resistant or tolerant ginger varieties and sweet yam varieties is critical for Jamaica due to the scarcity of clean ginger planting material and low resistance to ginger rhizome rot and anthracnose disease.

Gamma-ray treatments are expected to produce plant lines resistant and or tolerant to the specified pathogens or resultant disease.


  • Scientific Research Council – Principal Research Group
  • Ministry-Science, Energy, Telecommunications and Transport (MSETT)- co-funding ministry
  • Bodles Research Station of Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF) – Research Partner
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  • Public Investment Appraisal Branch (PIAB)