Testing/Analytical Services

The Analytical Services Department provides services to in-house projects and external clients, such as hotels, food processors, wastewater producers and private individuals. The main focus is on chemical and microbiological analyses of water/wastewater for various environmental safety parameters and on food for nutritional content (e.g. protein, fats, and minerals) and microbiological quality. These services help clients monitor and maintain product quality, satisfy customer needs, meet international quality standards, reduce spoilage and production costs and food safety.


Analytical Services

The Unit also provides its clients with quality tests and analyses to ensure that the superb quality for which Jamaican “essential oils” are known is maintained.  This helpsJamaicato strengthen its position in the world market as the most potent source of this very important raw material. These essential oils, such as pimento leaf oil and ginger oil, are used in aromatherapy, flavouring, to develop personal care items and in the pharmaceutical industry.

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